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       Not only are you going to love how you look, but you are also going to have fun!  It's always a comfortable and professional environment.  There are never other clients waiting during any photo session and walk-in appointments are not available.  This ensures a relaxed and uninterrupted photo shoot, to get the absolute best results possible.

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Photo Shoot Tips

    Depending on the type of photo shoot you are having, come prepared with a few different outfits and accessories.  Plan for your session accordingly.  Unless shooting for fashion. advertising or going for a certain look, trendy outfits are not always recommended... look at the 80's!   Bold patterns can look busy and shiny jewlery can also distract from the main subject.  This is most important for headshots.  Try to pick your outfits and accessories with this in mind.

   Try to get enough sleep to avoid puffy or dark areas under the eyes and avoid salty foods a day or two before your session.  Drink lots of water and try to avoid smoke and alcohol the night before.  Save that for after the shoot... just kidding!

   If having your hair cut, try to have it done a week or two before your shoot. If you want a nice look right before your appointment, it might be better to have your hair styled rather than cut. Feel free to bring along your own stylist.

   A professional makeup artist is available upon request at an additional fee.  If doing your own makeup, try to use a liquid foundation instead of powder. Powder may have a caked-on look if applied too heavily.  If your liquid looks oily, use a few drops of astringent to thin it.   Use loose or pressed powder sparingly over the liquid.  Make sure to match your skintone as closely as possible and bring some powder down onto the neck and upper chest if skin will show.  Do the rest of your makeup as if you were going out and looking to impress.  Black and white photography requires heavier applications and generally darker shades as it wont show up as well if applied normally.  

  If there are any areas of the skin broken out, apply makeup normally, almost as if it were not there.  Caked on concealer makes it much harder to retouch.  Light blemish retouching to your favorite images is included with all sessions.

   Try to have neat, clean and manicured finger and toe nails(for open toe shoes and barefoot shots.)  Hand and arm posing is worked into some images.  

   The best part is that after your photo shoot, you will be able to see your images right away.  We will quickly go through the images during your session on a monior, to make sure we are going in the direction you were hoping for.

    There are many other options like blemish retouching, decreasing puffiness under the eyes, minimizing lines under the eyes and mouth, teeth whitening, brace removal, subduing facial scars and smoothing bumpy skin, etc.  Light retouching is included in all packages with more complex retouching and image manipulation at a nominal fee.  Beauty marks and moles are removed only upon request.

    Guests are usually a distraction from getting the best images possible.  If a guest is coming, they must stay off to the side and out of the lighting and photographers work area.  A comfortable seating area is next to the photography space.  Family and friend "helpers" are not necessary to achieve the best expressions and results.  Preferred guests are professional hair stylists and makeup artists with photo shoot experience.

 Relax, have fun and get ready to see some of the best images of yourself that you will ever own!

In House Artist

Talented artist Elisa Rodriguez is now with the studio full time, giving all clients many more fantastic options including; hand painted portraits, sketches, illustration and other hand created custom art.  Free consultations at the studio are always available by appointment and during your session.


Fine Art Photography

    Fine Art Photographic Portraits on canvas and other surfaces are also another option.  Please let the studio know 24 hours before your session if you may be interested in fine art portrait work during your session.  This truly classic technique will take additional time to set up.


     The session fee secures a predetermined time slot that you are paying for... so try not to be too late!  Plenty of time is given for every session, however we cannot cut into other scheduled appointment times.  Also, try not to be early as we may still be with another appointment.  It is ususally better to be a few minutes late rather than early for your appointment.  Please call ahead if you are planning to come early.

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